We welcome contributions to the Oxford University Comparative Law Forum. If you would like us to consider an article for publication, please note the following points:

  1. Please check whether your contribution fits within the profile of the Oxford University Comparative Law Forum. We understand comparative law to cover the full range of legal subjects, including issues of procedure, conflicts, legal history, and legal theory, as long as this includes a comparison between different legal systems or relates to comparative law methodology. That condition also applies to articles in the area of public international law. Mere descriptions of aspects of legal systems other than English law could qualify to the extent that they make those accessible to an English law based audience. We publish mainly in English, but also in French and German language. Articles in French or German should provide a summary in English language.
  2. We aim to publish mainly articles. There is no particular word limit, so that articles could reach the size of a small monograph. We will also consider proposals for other types of publications, including book reviews.
  3. We aim to publish on-line only and will thus not object if an article we have published is subsequently published in printed form elsewhere. We request no more than a permanent (i.e., non-withdrawable) licence to publish the article on-line. This licence should normally be exclusive. It is the responsibility of each author to verify that the publication of his or her contribution does not violate any copyright.
  4. Articles should follow the Oxford Standard Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA). We request all contributors to provide a synopsis of their article.
  5. Articles are published in HTML format. For easier reference, articles should be supplied with marginals or paragraph numbers.
  6. All contributions are to be submitted to the General Editor in a commonly used text format.
  7. All articles are reviewed. The time required for the review processwill depend on the size of the article and the topic.