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The Adjudication of the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) in the Last 55 Years – A Quantitative and Comparative Approach

Mathias M. Siems*

(2007) Oxford U Comparative L Forum 4 at | How to cite this article

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The Role of Reasonable and Unreasonable Mistake in Justified Defences – A Comparative and Analytical Study

Khalid Ghanayim*

(2007) Oxford U Comparative L Forum 3 at | How to cite this article

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Codification of Private Law in Scotland: Observations by a Civil Lawyer

Andreas Rahmatian*

(2007) Oxford U Comparative L Forum 1 at | How to cite this article


This article discusses, by reference to Scotland, the problems of codifying a mixed system of private law, presenting an outline of some parts in a draft civil code. A civil code must resolve divergence between Civil Law and Common Law concepts. Such divergence is demonstrated here by reference to the conceptual conflict between the Scots (Civil) law of error and the English (Common) Law of misrepresentation. The article outlines how codified provisions in this area might be drafted. It discusses the German, French, Swiss and Austrian rules (the last being remarkably similar to Scots law), and offers possible Common Law and Civil Law-style codifications of the Scots law of error. As Scots statutes follow the Common Law drafting style, it is argued that they are unsuitable for comprehensive codification. A code in a Civilian style, on the other hand, requires the adoption of Civilian statutory interpretation, but as this is inconsistent with Scots legal culture, the final question raised is whether codification of Scots private law is desirable at all.
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